Old Age

Having a Positive Attitude to Health

Retirement used to mean a person would sit in their rocker on the porch when their children visited, and they would dispense wisdom to the youngest family members without moving from their seat. It might seem idyllic, but many of those people believed they were old and infirm. Their lack of movement had more to do with believing they were old, and their bodies had become too worn to move easily. Modern seniors in retirement often appear to have more energy than their children, and it is a fit attitude that helps them retain mobility far longer than their ancestors.

The interface between the mind and body is a major component when it comes to health at any age, and those who cling to the belief they are too old to accomplish any physical movement will find their body compliant with those thoughts. Getting out of a chair can feel like a chore, and walking to the street might seem like an impossible task. They have let their thoughts overrule a body that might actually be able to move unassisted.

Remaining healthy is not just about exercise and eating right, but those two components do help a great deal. For those who want to remain active far into their retirement years, holding on to the belief that their body will not stop functioning at a specific age is also a component they will need. Getting up out of a chair will only happen when they exert their will, and their body will be able to accomplish it if they have contributed with their diet and exercise routines leading up to that point.

Sitting in a rocker is a good way to spend a lazy afternoon chatting with loved ones, but it should not be a permanent sentence. Remaining fit takes physical work, but it also takes a strong mind to help keep the body going.