Old Age

A Healthy Restart

Ageing into retirement used to be seen as a time when people slowed down and waited until their time was up. Today’s seniors are determined to make big changes once they are through with the career that got them started in life, and they often discover the need for a healthy restart. Some of them finally take a good look at their ageing body and choose to make positive changes. While many might believe it is far too late, others have found that living a better life can begin at the start of a long and happy retirement.

The world today is a busy place, and many people working toward retirement have found they have little energy to spare for creating a healthy lifestyle. They might know eating a salad with baked meat is good for them, but they believe carving out the time to eat better is too costly in terms of their need to accomplish other goals. Once they retire, there are fewer demands on their time, and many of them have begun to see eating healthy as a positive change for longevity.

Creating pockets of time for exercise is often difficult in the hustle and bustle of a career, but it can take a huge toll on health. Retired people might find their own body is working against what they want, and movement can become slow and painful. For them, learning to take the time to exercise is less of a chore once they no longer need to be at work in the morning. They can slowly work out the kinks and cramps acquired in their previously lifestyle for healthier living.

Retirement no longer presages a few years of aches and pains followed by death, and many recent retirees are beginning to explore new lifestyles. Rather than resting while waiting for their grandchildren to appear, they are creating healthy meals and exercising so they can run and play like kids again.