Old Age

A Fit and Active Mind

Keeping the body in shape and healthy is a good way to increase longevity, but the mind should also be thought of as at risk for health issues if it is ignored. Many people tend to believe those of mature years no longer think well, but a fit and active mind can be just as potent in the aged as in the young. Keeping up with the world may be difficult as people reach their sixth and seventh decades and beyond, but it does not necessarily point to the fact their minds have become blank tablets that no longer work properly.

Modern technology has increased rapidly over the last half century, and keeping up with the constant changes can be difficult for those of any age. People well into their retirement years may have little or no need to constantly upgrade their electronic devices, so they are often seen as less mentally able to handle modern life. It is a false assumption, but it could take a good look before people realize a lack of technological expertise signifies a lack of mental ability.

While it does help to keep up with modern advances, too many changes over recent decades have easily lost those busy trying to life as their bodies aged. They might not have had the resources to purchase or use each new generation of device, and they might need classes specifically designed to assist them with learning. It is less about the quality of mind than it is about the need to deal with constant change.

Medical issues often crop up as people age, and they are necessarily a priority for those who have them. Rather than wasting time learning how to use the latest phone, tablet, or computer, people in their later years might be busy learning about the many different forms of medical treatment for their issue. It can leave them far behind in the modern electronic world, but their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom can still be retained in their active and healthy minds.